Welcome to Training Resources

Welcome to Training Resources

Feel free to use any of the following to put together your own training for staff, volunteers and service users in your group.  Please credit the source as it is written on each document.  If nothing is written, the Cumbria Equality Resource Centre is the author.

Disability Training Resources 

Equality Act Training Resources

Funding Strategies Presentation

Ice Breakers

Race Equality Training Resources 

Sexual Orientation Training Resources 


In our library we have hard copies to lend of Sahara Publishing training packs on the following topics:

  • Raising Cultural Awareness
  • Equal Opportunities Assessment Tool
  • Exercises on Implementing and Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Developing and Implementing an Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Promoting Cultural intelligence
  • Valuing Diversity Assessment Exercise
  • Equal Opportunities Opinion Cards
  • In-Tray Exercise on Equal Opportunities
  • Equal Opportunities – Can You Easily...? (exercise)
  • Exploring Cultural Differences (exercise)
  • Stereotyping
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Committee

To borrow any of the above, please get in touch: info{at}awaz{dot}info

Equality Cumbria is an umbrella organisation that encompasses a number of different charities based in Cumbria. Together they tackle inequality in race, religion, sexuality and more.