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Update, Criticism, & Consequences of Government Policies for Gypsy & Travell

Update, Criticism, & Consequences of Government Policies for Gypsy & Traveller Communities


Mr Pickles, the Communities Secretary has issued guidance advising councils to be on their guard over the long Easter and Royal Wedding bank holidays, when local authorities will be shut for all but three days of an 11 day period.

Origin Of All Languages: Study

Study finds 'mother of all languages'

All the world's languages may date back to a single 'mother tongue' spoken in pre-historic Africa, according to new research.

The study suggests that between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago humans spoke in a single dialect that proved the catalyst for human civilisation.

BNP Membership Research by Oxford University

Research has found British National Party Membership is higher where whites and non-whites live separately in segregated areas.

Oxford University academics, Dr Michael Biggs, a sociologist & graduate student Steve Knauss used the BNP database posted on Wikileaks that contained 12,000 members’ details and matched them with census data on more than 200,000 British neighbourhoods to make the findings.

University Of Cumbria Annual Culture Day at Newton Rigg Campus

Further education students at the University of Cumbria embraced customs and costumes from around the world during their eagerly anticipated annual ‘Culture Day’ at Newton Rigg campus.

The students, working in their course groups, had researched agreed topics then created their own displays representing different cultures and traditions.

East European migrants and their rights - What will happen in May 2011?

The rights of East European migrants (also referred to as A8 nationals) will be brought in line with the rights of other EU nationals. The broadly criticised Worker Registration Scheme will be discontinued. The AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) and MRN have prepared a briefing detailing the changes from 1 May 2011, by Jan Brulc.

Fear and Hope Website Survey and Together Campaign Launch

Fear & Hope website has a report on one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys ever commissioned examining attitudes to English identity, faith and race, because we wanted people of goodwill to be armed with the facts about the new politics of identity that the mainstream political parties have yet to take fully on board.


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