Events & Training

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21 March 2018 @ The Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 8QG

FREIRAUM ("Sphere of Freedom") is an EU wide grass root community project, connecting communities to find answers to some of the most pressing challenges/questions identified by local communities in over 38 cities across Europe.

AWAZ Cumbria in Carlisle (UK) along with local community groups and individuals is working in partnership with ArtBOX in Thessaloniki (Greece) to find answers to the following two identified questions.

Carlisle – How can we understand the isolation and how can we overcome it?

Thessaloniki – Could a new media exhibition about European identity become your freedom zone?

The Kendal Unity Festival celebrates the strengths and diversity of the people of Kendal by building community cohesion, celebrating diversity, fostering good relations and promoting understanding between and within its diverse communities.

The Festival is aimed at advancing equality and challenging prejudice and discrimination through voluntary action and active citizenship. The Festival provides opportunities for formal and informal community groups, networks, public, private and third sector organisations to showcase a range of activities on offer within the community that local people can get involved in. It will raise awareness of shared issues and create opportunities for learning new skills, including tasting cuisines and cultures from around the world.

Equality Cumbria is an umbrella organisation that encompasses a number of different charities based in Cumbria. Together they tackle inequality in race, religion, sexuality and more.