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Fair Food Carlisle


Fair Food Carlisle is a new project in Carlisle that aims to reconnect buyers and local producer of food in and around the city.

We are doing this through a 'buying group' model, based at workplaces and community groups.

I have attached our latest leaflet - and some information about some of the producers we are working with.

Drop me an email or give me a ring - if you would like to explore this further. I could talk your through how the system works. Or come in and meet you and your colleagues.

Fair Food Carlisle:

  •  Supports our local community
  • Supports local food producers

  • Builds links between consumers and producers

  • It's better quality food — Its fresher, and much more sustainable production methods.

  • Reduces social inequalities

  • Reduces environmental impact, especially greenhouse gases by reducing food miles.

  • Encourages diversity, conservation of the countryside and awareness of seasonality.

  • Anti-corporatism — reduces the power of big corporations in the food chain and in our society.

  • Increase social resilience — we need to build a system other than the unsustainable, and individual greed-dominated one that's evolved in recent decades.


If you would like to sign up - and you are based at the Carlisle Enterprise Centre - please use the following code. 

ffc537tes anything you order will then be available for collection between 2pm and 6pm on Tuesdays from unit 46. 

If you any questions about these projects - or any of the other work Sustainable Carlisle does - please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Mark Lloyd 

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